Window Grill Router Bit Set

Window Grill Router Bit Set

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Planning on a DIY wooden window project? Check this out. These router bits are specially designed for wooden window frames or cabinets frames tenon together. The Window Grill Router Bit Set come with a 1/2" Shank 1/4" Flat V-Groove Bit and a 1/2" Shank 1/4" Diameter 3/4" Cutting Length Straight Bit. They are both made of premium quality C3 micro-grain carbide cutters with silver induction brazing for maximum strength. Treated with special heat resistant Teflon coating. 

Shank: 1/2"(12.7mm) 
V-groove Bit: blade height 15mm, blade dia 31.5mm. total height 49mm; 
Straight Bit: blade height 20mm, blade dia 7.96mm, total height 64mm; 

Body: Solid Hardened Steel 
Blade: Micro grain carbide


  • Highly sharpen with extra smooth cutting action that leaves no burr and edges 
  • High abrasion resistance & high-precision grinding technology
  • High-frequency welding technology, strong, durable, and long service life
  • Wear protective measures during operation, in case of wood chips splash damage eyes.
  • Keep the router bits away from children. 

Package Includes: 1*Window Grill Router Bit Set