Welding Tip Cleaner

Welding Tip Cleaner

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To get the best result on welding, you need to have a clean welding tip. Welding Tip Cleaner is the best soldering iron tip cleaning tool is very functional and practical. In order to retain the temperature of the welding tip, cleaning it with wet sponge is not the best option, this is the reason why Welding Tip Cleaner is your best choice. 

After you using the soldering head, you should clean out the residues clearly so as to prolong its service life. Welding Tip Cleaner is a mass of wire ball which avoids soldering tin from splashing. Made of superb material, this cleaning tool is effective to remove soldering tin quickly and effortlessly. In addition, with its pliable and soft texture, this tool is harmless to your soldering head. 

Features :  

  1. Made of high quality material
  2. Easy to clean soldering head without water 
  3. Remove residues quickly and effectively 
  4. Does not damage soldering head 
  5. Durable for long use as its superb material 
  6. Avoid soldering tin from splashing everywhere 
  7. Non-toxic and smokeless

Package included : 
1*Welding Tip Cleaner