Watch Winder

Watch Winder

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Automatic watches stop when they are not in use, this is due to they are powered by kinetic energy generated from the movement of the wearer. Watch Winder is the special device that are designed to keep self-winding automatic watches running when not worn. Watch Winder is a necessary tool for watch collectors. 

Watch Winder comes with a box with brilliant ebony finishing and luxurious leather design. We took each process in strict control and did multiple inspections to present you this exquisite and quality winder. The winder pattern are as following: clockwise 2 mins, stop for 6 mins; anti-clockwise 2 mins, stop for 6 mins; cycle every minute. 

Anti-static treatment is done for motor & circuit board, insulated velvet decoration is used for the interior to eliminate magnetization and harm to valuable watches. The motor offers extremely quiet and stable running in the day and night. You'll be surprised by the dead silence and longevity of the motor. Powered by battery or AC power outlet, it's perfect to put in the bedroom, office or inside a safe.


  • Keep Your Watch Ready 24/7: Watch Winder makes sure your automatic watch is ready to use as it winds to produce kinetic energy to keep your automatic watch running.
  • Elegantly Varnished: Leather box with acrylic organic glass window, high-gloss lacquered finish, this is an exquisite decoration.
  • Noise-Isolating: Upgraded components reduce the annoying sound, long lasting motor, extremely silent when running.
Voltage: 100-240V
Hertz: 50-60Hz
Amps: 0.3A
Size: 12*13*16cm