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Washing Machine Tablet (12pcs)

Washing Machine Tablet (12pcs)

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Did you know what your best helper - the washing machine gets dirty too? And how are you going to clean them? Disassemble them is too laborious and you might not be able to assemble them back in one piece. Introducing the Washing Machine Tablet, you can now clean your washing machine with ease! 
Germs, bacteria and mold grows inside your washing machine especially on the inner tube that is hidden from our view. To clean your washing machine,simply put in a tablet and fill up you washing machine with full tank of water and operate the washing machine. The washing machine must be emptied before you wash your washing machine.

1) Remove clothing or other items before using Washing Machine Tablet. For maintenance: Use Washing Machine Tablet once a month to clean & freshen your machine.
2) Place one Washing Machine Tablet into the washing machine tube.
3) Run washing machine on normal cycle with the full tank water setting.
4) Rinse off the excessive cleaning agent with another full tank water setting.
5) To have a better result, run the washing machine using hot water setting.

*Item comes in pack of 12