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Venom Extractor Kit

Venom Extractor Kit

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Be Prepared! You do not know what will happen during your outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. Keep this little yet useful kit with you. Venom Extractor Kit helps to remove poisons or venom from snake bites, bee stings, wasp stings, mosquito bites & more. It is a lightweight, compact and reusable vacuum pump that draws venom underneath your skin. It is very easy to use even when you are alone. 
Retrieving venom quickly and immediately can significantly improve the result of  proper recovery treatment. Venom Extractor Kit helps extract as much venom as possible before the venom enter the circulatory system. Whether you're going on an outdoor adventure or just reside in a location that's highly populated with poisonous insects and animals. It's important to keep Venom Extractor Kit handy.
  • Keep a Venom Extractor Kit handy for all of your outdoor activities. It's a handy addition to your First Aid Supplies
  • The pump is easy to use even with only one hand.
  • Venom Extractor Kit includes two sizes of suction cup that attach to the pump handle. Choose the size that best suits your current needs. 
  • Venom Extractor Kit is light, compact and highly portable. It comes in a hard-shell case with two sizes of suction cups and a tourniquet band to help control the spread of the venom until it can be extracted.


  • For calf muscles, venom quickly enters the circulatory system and an extractor pump is less effective. 
  • Please note that the effectiveness of any venom extractor will vary based on the location and depth of the bite.
  • Venom injected into the muscle tissue will not likely be helped by a venom extractor. Venom Extractor Kit is not meant as a substitute for professional medical attention. It is a first aid tool meant to help buy you time and reduce the impact of venom by helping to remove it from your body.