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USB Power Monitor

USB Power Monitor

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Worried about your USB charger is under performing or out of spec? Think you’re not getting the real charge time out of that new power bank you bought? If you’re willing to geek-out a little then you can test your USB devices to see if they’re up to snuff.
In an age when everyone is at the mercy of their chargers, USB ports in the dashboards of their cars, and other sources of power for their numerous gizmos and gadgets, it’s easy to have a sneaking suspicion that the cheap charger you bought isn’t up for the task or that the USB port in your car console is really as under powered as it seems. Introducing USB Power Monitor, the mini USB meter where you can investigate and test the quality of your charger, power bank, or any other power delivering or consuming device: check the output, check the input, check the voltage and amperage, all in one swoop.
USB Power Monitor not only measures voltage and amps, but also showing your USB working hour, warning when the USB port is significantly out of spec, and monitors power consumption. Bring one of these smart little gadget with you now! 
  • USB Port Voltage
  • USB Port Amperage Output (current: 0A-3.3A)(voltage: 3V-9V)
  • Power Consumption and Discharge
  • Working Hour (0-99 hours)
  • Capacity Storage (0-99999mAh)

Package Includes: 1*USB Power Monitor