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Tyre Tread Cleaner

Tyre Tread Cleaner

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Tyre Tread Cleaner cleans and remove the debris embedded in the tires, including stones, glass, sharp metal objects and etc., leaving your tyre clean and looks like a new one. Why do we remove those debris? Removing debris on tyres can actually reduce noise caused by the friction between stones and ground, decrease the wear level of the tread, so that tyres has longer life span.

Tyre Tread Cleaner comes with 3 hooks of different positions for you to remove stubborn debris especially stones that tucked into the tyre tread real deep. 

The hooks of Tyre Tread Cleaner are made from Zinc Alloy and the shaft is made from 304 stainless steel to withstand corrosion. The ergonomic handle are made from soft silicone and heavy duty plastic for high resistant and comfortable grip.