Training Mask

Training Mask

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Intensify your training with the Training Mask, the mask that conditions your lungs by creating pulmonary resistance. It helps to strengthens the diaphragm, increases the surface area and elasticity in alveoli, increases lung capacity and increase anaerobic thresholds.

Installation instructions:

  1. With nose piece facing away from you, hold and adjust to a comfortable position between your nose and chin.
  2. Adjust the strap to suitable length and attach the velcro.
  3. Adjust the nose clip according to your nose contours.

***It is important to press the nose piece firmly to the nose bridge to from a good seal.

Replacement :

  1. Hold and twist the filter cap.
  2. Twist anti-clockwise to unfasten the cap.
  3. Remove the cap.
  4. Turn the mask the other way round.
  5. Remove both filter holder.
  6. Remove and replace with new filter.
  • HEALTHIER BREATHING: The dustproof mask can be used for anti-dust, anti-vehicle exhaust, anti-pollen allergy, anti PM2.5 and haze day protection. It is suitable for cycling, running, biking, hiking, skiing, woodworking and other outdoor activities.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The mesh of the dust proof mask cover is well built by premium nylon, offering excellent permeability. Soft texture, quick drying, breathable and comfortable to wear. 
  • PERFECT DESIGN: Adjustable nose clip with unique ventilation design, double air breathing valve design for smoother breathing. Perfect for all season wear.
  • CONVENIENT REPLACE: The mask can be washed and you can replace them with another filter by yourself.