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Sport Inner Sole

Sport Inner Sole

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Running or jogging benefit the heart and respiratory system at the same time promoting a healthy weight. However, since it is a high-impact activity, running can have some negative effects, too. It puts stress and strain on the joints and can lead to conditions that affect the foot, knee, and back. A good sport insole is crucial that it provides long-lasting comfort and pain relief, as well as to reduce your risk of injury.
Sport insole not only cushions feet and absorbs shock, with a reinforced arch and heel and additional foam padding on the forefoot, using these insoles when running will help absorb the impact of every step, keeping the work in your lungs and leg muscles, and well away from the feet. The insoles can be easily trimmed to fit any shoe size, meaning they are a truly tailored fit for your run. The durable foam is designed to withstand regular use without flattening, making these the ideal investment for your training. 
This sport insole suits most of the shoes including working boots, casual shoes, sneakers, sport shoes, training shoes and etc.

  • Can be trimmed to fit any sizes of shoes
  • Prevent arch & heel pain
  • Better insole stability
  • Odorless & good ventilation
  • Shock absorbing & reduce weight impact
  • Good memory material
  • High flexibility