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Spool Knit Machine

Spool Knit Machine

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Spool Knitting Has Never Been This Easy! The Spool Knit Machine is an automatic spool-knitter and it's fabulous. It's really super dooper fast and easy to use. This simple, hand-held circular knitting machine uses any lightweight yarn from strands of sewing thread. It even comes with metal knitting hooks. All you have to do is to get it loaded, start off slowly and tension relaxes and yarn cooperates you can speed up and whip up your own really quick!

Read This First!
  • USE LIGHTWEIGHT YARNS: Thin yarns, such as fingering weight, baby weight or sport weight, work best and look best on a project. DO NOT use standard 4-ply worsted weight or heavier yarn, this may damage your machine.
  • MAKING YOUR FIRST CORD: To practice and try, use any unwanted yarn.
  • LET THE YARN RUN FREELY: There must be NO tension on the yarn as it feeds into the machine. Be sure to have loose yarn from the ball or skein before knitting.
  • BE SURE THERE IS WEIGHT ON THE CORDING ALL THE TIMES: Be sure the clip is not resting on the table or your lap or your machine will not work properly. Let the weight hang freely and be sure the yarn stays off to your left (if you are right handed) or the right (if you are left handed)
  • LET THE CORDING UNTWIST AS YOU KNIT: And if you are making a number of yards of cording, roll the knitted cording into a ball and secure with a rubber ban. Attach the clip to the cording right under the machine.
  • TURNING THE HANDLE: Turn the handle in the direction of the arrow only. DO NOT turn the handle backwards.
  • KEEP THE YARN AND CORDING SEPARATE AS YOU KNIT: Keep the yarn to one side to avoid twisting around the cording.