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Socks Organizer

Socks Organizer

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Having a hard time finding socks in pair after you throw them into the washing machine? Well we have the solution for you! The Socks Organizer is a hanging storage tool for your socks that has adjustable sliders to hold your socks. With the Socks Organizer, you do not have to spend time pairing your socks and it keeps your laundry neat!

  • This hanging storage tool fits the day’s dirty socks between adjustable sliders.
  • Adjustable sliders hold dirty socks.
  • Wash, dry and hang in closet – socks never separate.
  • Foot-shaped hanger fits in closet or over doorknob.
  • Fun for kids to keep laundry neat.
  • For storing and washing adult, kid and baby socks.
  • Saves space, eliminates the need for a sock drawer.

Package Includes: 1* Socks Organizer