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Soap Dispensing Brush

Soap Dispensing Brush

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You do not need to hold the sponge while cleaning dishes anymore! Soap Dispensing Brush is a brilliant multi function kitchen gadget tool that are perfect for many kitchen task, you will be surprised and love it! It comes with 3 sponges and 1 brush & silicone attachment. 
  1. Select suitable attachment (brush/ sponge).
  2. Open the silicone cover.
  3. Add in dishwasher into the handle, dilute with tap water if needed.
  4. Close and press the silicone button to dispense dishwasher/ soap.


  • Smart Button: The silicone valve quickly seals after dispensing and it can prevent soap from dripping on counter top. You can clean your kitchen including dishes, bowls, pots, glass, bottles anything you want to clean.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Comes with a soft and comfortable anti-skid grip, used as saucer soap storage, brush head sponge cleaning head are removable/replaceable.
  • Multi Function: The built-in scraper on the back easily removes tough, cooked-on food, durable nylon bristles won’t scratch non-stick cookware and bake ware.
Package including: 1 nylon scrubber head + 3 sponge head.