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Silver Conductive Wire Glue (0.3ML)

Silver Conductive Wire Glue (0.3ML)

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You do not have to wait for the soldering iron to heat up for just a tiny soldering work. Introducing Silver Conductive Wire Glue, the liquid conductor where you can just use it immediately from the syringe. It's widely used in home supplies, electrical items, CPU in computer, LED display, LCD display, optical fiber communication equipment, controller, heat sink and etc.

  • 0.3ml fast drying type pure silver conductive silver paint without precipitation / impurities / high concentration / can be used to repair the keyboard printing line and so on.
  • Can be used on: line board, glass, paper, ground, wall, wood, all kinds of metal, all kinds of plastic products and so on, can be described as a lot of use.
  • Maintenance of desktop keyboard, notebook keyboard, plastic circuit board and other soft circuit necessary tools, it can be used as CPU thermal conduction silicon finger for over-frequency, excellent conductivity, absolutely fast drying and good conductivity.
How to use
  1. Apply the silver glue / paste in the place you want.
  2. Make sure the desired tracks get covered.
  3. Please allow one hour for drying. *Blow it with a dryer for 5-10 minutes for faster drying process.
  4. Test the conductivity.
Package included
1 x Silver Conductive Wire Glue