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Silicone Trowel & Scraper

Silicone Trowel & Scraper

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Want to remove the old silicone and then apply the new one immediately? The Silicone Trowel & Scraper can help you do that all at once. 
This model of trowel is designed to to be used by pushing it's head forward. Apply the silicone and use the trowel to pull off the excessive silicone. *Note: Keep the two side of the trowel on the surface to get a nice finishing. The lumpy silicone becomes smooth after using the silicone trowel. The trowel comes with 5 different sizes of radius exchangeable pads to fulfill your needs. They can be remove and exchange easily.
This model of scraper can remove the old silicone easily without effort. The flat scraper works fine on removing old silicone too. Improve your agglutinating quality just with the help of Silicone Trowel & Scraper!