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Silicone Respirator Mask

Silicone Respirator Mask

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Breathing hazardous particles, gases and vapors can be harmful for your lungs and health. The Silicone Respirator Mask helps you to reduce exposure to contaminants and enhanced comfort as well as visibility with the safety goggle to make your work more comfortable and enjoyable.

This respirator uses an advanced silicone material that provides a spongy feel on the contact point. The adjustable straps are specially designed to reduce pressure points on the face for even more comfort, at the same time optimize the protection level. The mesh helps make breathing easier and can offer cooler and drier comfort for the wearer. 

The exhalation valve cover directs exhaled breath and moisture downward while helping protect the valve area from debris while also making for easier cleaning. Turn the filter attachment 45° to remove (Turn downwards for right hand side  and turn upwards for left hand side). Tips: Change the mask filter frequently for better filter result (40 hours/piece). Recommended applications include abatement, painting, welding, chemical handling, construction, utilities, mining, pharmaceutical, and smelting.