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Shrimp Peeler

Shrimp Peeler

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Who doesn’t love cooking and eating shrimps and prawns? Peeling shrimps or prawns are tiring and it takes time. What we don’t like is our hands getting hurt and dirty from peeling shrimp. Introducing Shrimp Peeler, the tool that you can peel shrimp in just a second. It’s a portable and lightweight tool that speeds up the time-consuming task of peeling shrimps and prawns.


  • Two in one tool.  Splits shell and removes the vein in one motion. You'll clean more shrimps and prawns in less time.
  • Strong and ergonomic handles. It has an easy grip, non-slip handle designed for both right and left-hand use. Comfortable to use and won’t tire the hand easily.
  • Easy to use.  Simply hold the shrimp with rounded part facing up and tail pointing away from you. Insert the closed tip of the shrimp into the top of the shell. Gently push tip (still closed) under the shell until it comes out beyond the tail. Press handles together until shrimp and shell separate. Rinse each shrimp under cold water. It's that easy.
  • Super easy to clean. It’s dishwasher safe or you can clean it by hand washing it with soapy water.