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Self Centering Jig Set

Self Centering Jig Set

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Introducing the Self Centering Jig Set, it makes doweling easier than before. Self Centering Jig Set provides accurate marking on the center of a board's edge every time, so there's no tedious trial and error adjustments required. This jig suits for 17-60mm wood

How the jig provides self-centering reading? The parallel arms of the jig is the answer! Simply align the notch on the jig's center bar with the dowel location mark on your board, hold the jig and drill. Slide the jig to the next location, align, hold and drill. No clamps or knobs are needed to hold the jig!

Package includes:
1 X Self Centering Jig
1 X 6mm Pin
1 X 8mm Pin
1 X 10mm Pin
3 X 6mm Sleeve
3 X 8mm Sleeve
3 X 10mm Sleeve