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Screw Extractor Set (6pcs)

Screw Extractor Set (6pcs)

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Introducing the Screw Extractor Set, the professional tool for removing broken or seized screws. Screw Extractor Set consist of 6pcs extractor drill bit of multiple sizes for the removal of broken studs, bolts, socket screws and fittings. Great for any home or garage .
The unique machine-cutted reverse thread bits easily remove screws, bolts, studs, and threaded pipe fittings. To operate the screw extractor, simply use the twist drill to drill a hole in the middle of the screw or bolt. Insert the extractor to unscrew the damaged screw or bolt.

NO.1:  1/8~1/4"inches,
NO.2:  1/4~5/16"inches,
NO.3:  5/16~7/16"inches,
NO,4:  7/16~9/16"inches,
NO.5:  9/16~3/4"inches,
NO.6:  3/4~1"inches.