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Rubber Jack Pads (2pcs)

Rubber Jack Pads (2pcs)

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Often times for vehicles too low, in an emergency situation, or at your local tire shop, the factory side jack points need to be utilized. Protect your frame rails when jacking up your car with the Rubber Jack Pads. Without proper support the thin rails bend and cause future use of them to be problematic, and even unsafe if the jack cannot secure to the jack point. 
Guard your vehicle from damage and prevent your frame rails from bending when using a jack to lift your vehicle. 
  • Protects pinch weld seams and frame rails from bending or breaking when jacking up your car with these jack pads.
  • Durable anti slip polyurethane construction, provides more cushion and crush resistance. Soft rubber surface, does not scratch painted or coated chassis parts.
  • Fits most floor jacks and vehicles.
  • Please exercise proper safety precautions when working on your vehicle.
  • Maximum load bearing: 2 Ton.
  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Gap: 10mm
  • Gap depth: 15mm

Package Includes: 2pcs* Rubber Jack Pads