Rotary Blower Fan (2pcs)

Rotary Blower Fan (2pcs)

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Rotary Blower Fan is a must-have for any craft & hobby enthusiast. It is a small fan attachment that are designed to work with rotary tool. When mounted on a rotary tool, this fan blows dust away for greater visibility to your work piece. Perfect for sanding, engraving and carving applications. Blows dust away to an optimal distance for greater visibility to work piece.


By removing fine debris from your line-of-sight, you can achieve better result from your projects, sanding, engraving, and carving. Can also be used on flex shaft attachment.


  • Blows dust away for greater visibility of the work piece
  • Great for sanding, engraving, and carving
  • Can also be used on flex shaft attachment
  • Fits on all rotary tools with a standard collet nut


  • The British system thread 9/32-40 inch  is suitable for original Dremel 3000 and Dremel 200.
  • The metric thread  is suitable for Hilda Grinder and other electric grinder which thread is 8x0.75mm.
Package Include:
2*Rotary Blower Fan