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Retractable Lip Brush

Retractable Lip Brush

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Healthy lips are a sign of a healthy person and no matter how much lipstick you apply, so long as your lips are not healthy it will still show. Retractable Lip Brush is the pen-sized lip brush that you can keep in your handbag without worrying about the color stain or the brush will out of shape when it is accidentally pressed. 
Retractable Lip Brush is a small, pointed brush for any lip product. It is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and this is the only brush you need as you can use it with all lip products.
  • Retractable design. Best way to protect the brush tip, and no more stains in your handbags! It avoids dust and dirt too!
  • Easy to carry: You can put the lip brush in a pocket, wallet or purse.
  • Fine tipped: Small, tapered point brush allows you to easily swipe color and gloss easily. A sleek brush designed to apply lip color and gloss.
  • Durable: Made from synthetic, soft and natural touch bristles.

Package Includes: Retractable Lip Brush X 1