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Quick Tire Fix™

Quick Tire Fix™

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Wish to repair your tubeless tires in minutes? Introducing Quick Tire Fix™, the emergency flat tire repair kit available on the market for repairing tubeless tire punctures. Quick Tire Fix™ easily repair punctures in the tubeless tires of motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, tractors, bikes, jeeps, trucks & cars.The easy-to-follow instructions mean anyone can plug their flat tire in minutes and get back on their way. One single Quick Tire Fix™ serve you up to 50 times pump count!
Quick Tire Fix™ can fix holes ranged from 0-10mm on your tire, doesn't works on serious injuries on your tires. Recommended tire pressure when you're applying Quick Tire Fix™ is around or below 1.0 bar/ 1kg pressure, press the handle twice for better repair result. Once applied, you can directly inflate the tire as there's no need for us to wait for the solution/glue to dried up. Check your tire pressure once your tire is inflated and you're ready to go!

Built With The Best Materials
Quick Tire Fix™ is the only tool you need for tire repairs, keep on in your car rear trunk or bonnet as the size is really portable and compact. You can handle any flat tires even when you're out alone at the outskirt.