Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

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In order to reach your healthy lifestyle goals, it is important to know and understand your oxygen saturation measurements. Use this device immediately after sports, while flying, or participating in high altitude activities such as mountain climbing or skiing.

Pulse Oximeter gives users accurate measurements of blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. After turning on the device and inserting your finger into the clip, it takes about 3 seconds to get a reading. Readings are accurate within +/- 2%. A pulse wave (plethysmograph) and bar graph accompany numerical readings to give a visual indication of an irregular or weak heartbeat. 

SpO2 levels are important because it is to make sure your body has the right blood oxygen levels is extremely important for your health and well-being. Low SpO2 levels (Hypoxemia) can lead to a variety of health issues such as fast heart rate, fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating, and more. SpO2 levels should be between 95-100%, and anything lower than 90%, you should see a doctor. The perfusion index measures your pulse strength in the section of the body you are measuring. If one has a higher pulse strength the number displayed will be higher on the oximeter. It is important for individuals to speak with their doctor so they know what level is normal for them.

This device is perfect for measuring your Sp02 or those of a loved one. By clicking the button on the oximeter, the screen rotates so you can see the displayed readings in 6 different views. Pulse Oximeter is durable, lightweight, and compact, so you can take with you wherever you go. The cushioned fingertip clip comfortably fits all sizes without pain. One button operation takes the hassle out of the process
  • EASY MONITORING - For sports and/or aviation use only 'not intended for medical use' Getting an accurate oxygen reading only takes a few seconds. Simply place fingertip into the cushioned spring clip and press the multifunction button. Results will be clearly displayed on the large OLED screen
  • INSTANT RESULTS - Instant read oximeter is designed to make blood oxygen saturation monitoring as simple as pressing a button. In a few seconds the most accurate readings of SpO2 and pulse rate are visibly displayed on the rotating OLED screen
  • ADVANCED ACCURACY - Pulse oximeter utilizes advanced technology to give the most consistent and reliable results. SpO2 and BPM readings. SpO2 has an accuracy of +/- 2% and a measurement range of 35%-100% while pulse rate has an accuracy of +/-2 bpm and a measurement range of 25-250 bpm
  • CONVENIENCE - Digital oximeter gives blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate (PR) readings within minutes. The compact design combined with an easy-to-read rotating OLED screen with brightness control makes taking readings a breeze. Oxygen meter comes with a lanyard and carry case, bring to the gym, office, or on vacation
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