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Portable LED Photobooth

Portable LED Photobooth

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Hey there! Need some help on taking photos? The Portable LED Photobooth gives you the exact same quality photo as those photo studio does! Compared to the bulky traditional photobooth, the Portable LED Photobooth are extremely portable as you can collapse and fold it down to a size of a notebook! Portable design, easy to store and carry, suits for shooting high quality picture for small products!
  • Bright white LED light strips which emits even and average lighting and prevents shadows and reflections your photos
  • Perfect for shooting small products such as toys, jewelry, watch and etc with this photo booth.
  • Allows you to shoot the perfect angle and brightness of the product.
  • Easy to carry for storage, small than a A4 size paper
  • Assemble your own photo in the shortest time possible!

Package Includes: 1* Portable LED Photobooth