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Plasto Wax

Plasto Wax

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Looking for temporary make up to make you look even better? Introducing Plasto Wax, the trendy Korean natural wax which are specially created for make up purposes and it comes with 5 different tones to meet your skin color. You can now sculpt, modeling to have temporary perfect nose, chin, brow line and jaw line with the help of Plasto Wax.
Plasto Wax are commonly used in the photo shooting and entertainment industries to create special effects which allows makeup artists to transform the face and create false wounds, bumps, scars, gunshot wounds, warts, false noses, etc. It is commonly used for Halloween make up too! Plasto Wax is also used to cover up the eyebrows and can be painted over.

How To Apply:
  1. Scoop some Plasto Wax with a spatula. Gently work on it with your fingers to warm it up and get the desired shape and apply it on an oil-free skin. (Plasto Wax are easier and softer to shape if heated with a hairdryer)
  2. Once applied, smooth out and blend in the Plasto Wax with the skin. Powder for a matte finish and apply makeup. (For better adherence, apply several drops of spirit gum on the skin surface).
  3. To cover up eyebrows, apply a small quantity of Plasto Wax evenly over the eyebrow line in the direction of hair growth. Reverse the movement, then smooth again in the direction of hair growth until you get an even layer. Cover with a thick base until the eyebrow is completely invisible.
  4. Once the sculpting and modeling part is done, you can start applying makeup.
  5. The Plasto Wax can be removed with a spatula, followed by proper cleansing oil and tonic lotion, or with lukewarm water and mild soap.
Material: Microcrystalline Wax/Cera Microcristallina/Cire microcristalline. 
Weight: 20gram
Size: 5.7cm*2.2cm