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Pin Art Panel

Pin Art Panel

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Pin art is here! Check out these Pin Art Panel, you can transfer your desired pattern on it and display it on your wall, work desk, or even your room. Pin Art Panel it consists of a boxed surface made of a crowded array of pins that are free to slide in and out independently in a screen to create a 3D relief.
The Pin Art Panel comes in 4 sizes:

Small: 12.2(4.8") X 10.2(4") X 4.5(1.8")cm
Medium: 17.6(6.9") X 12.7(5") X 4.5 (1.8")cm
Large: 20.3(8") X 15.2(6") X 4.5 (1.8")cm
Extra Large: 25.5(10") X 21(8.3") X 4.5 (1.8")cm