Net Fix™ (6pcs)

Net Fix™ (6pcs)

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Stop buying a new replacement when screen door and window screen get ripped. Net Fix™ is a new solution that fix your problem instantly! Net Fix™ mend holes and tears on screen, it is very simple and easy to use as there is no tool needed. It comes in a square shape but it can be cut to appropriate size. 

Net Fix™ is a durable mesh that comes with ultra-strong adhesive. Keep mosquitoes and insects away while letting fresh air in. Buy now to save more!


  • QUICK REPAIR: Net Fix™ are self-adhesive. Just remove the backing paper and stick it on the torn areas of your screen. No tool needed! Cut it into smaller appropriate sized patches depending on the size of the rip.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The meshes are very tiny but allow fresh air in while effectively prevent bugs and insects from getting through holes. The screen repair patches can be applied for mending small holes, rips, cracks and tears on any type of screen: window screens, door screens, pool screens, RV screens and much more. When camping outdoor, it is perfect emergency repair kit to repair holes on tents.
  • STRONG FIBERGLASS WITH ADHESIVES: The screen repair patches are made of fiberglass mesh that is durable. They are temperature resistance and can stand up to the snow, wind, rain. These screen repair patches come with premium adhesives. Press the adhesive in position and it securely adheres to clean surface. 
  • ECONOMY & ENVIRONMENTAL: Fiberglass mesh bends for a seamless look and will not obscure the view. It makes your damaged screen look like new again. Save you money because you do not need to buy a whole expensive screen.