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Multipurpose Laser Level

Multipurpose Laser Level

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Gets the job done! A combination of 3 spirit levels and retractable tape measure with standard metric ruler to measure and mark any angle like a professional! The Multipurpose Laser Level has 3 different laser settings provides the ability to project a vertical, horizontal or cross hair laser beam quickly across the entire wall. The bright laser beam makes hanging a picture, tiles, shelves and cabinets a breeze.
  • Size: 7.28 (L) x 2.5(W) x 1.1 (H) inch 
  • Laser light has an on/off power switch 
  • 3 kind of level line: vertical, horizontal, cross 
  • Class III A laser product, 3.5mW max power output 
  • Multifunction, leveler, laser beam and measuring tape all in one
  • Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam. 
  • Please don't allow children to use it. 
  • Misuse of the device can result in permanent eye damage. 

  • Works for Indoor - Suitable for any situation where a straight line or accurate measurements are needed, such as measuring locations on wall, home-renovation project, space between hangers, level the nails, hang pictures, shelves and cabinets and tiles with accuracy. Regardless of the situation, it's completely plug & play. Note: fades in sunlight or outdoor use.
  • 3-pronged Approach - 3 in 1 multifunction laser level combines a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble and a new laser beam, to provide maximum results. Size: 7.28 x 2.5 x 1.1 inch (l x w x h) (note: laser ranging error, that is given as "+/-2mm at 10m and 25m")
  • Pinpoint Accuracy - Featuring the latest multipronged measurements technology, this laser level is a major improvement from all previous versions. Delivers pinpoint energy in a snap. Ideal for the job that requires a straight line or accurate measurement.
  • 8-foot Measuring Tape - Comes loaded with an 8ft measure tape that includes imperial and metric linear measures, with graduations down to 1/32" and 1mm