Multifunction Dental Kit

Multifunction Dental Kit

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You deserved a cleaner mouth and minty breath! The Multifunction Dental Kit is designed by a group of dentist for the public to have better oral health care. Multifunction Dental Kit comes with 3 attachments and a high speed micro motor that creates 30,000 vibration per minute. Each attachments come with it's own function to remove the stain, polish the teeth and massage the gums.
Multifunction Dental Kit comes with LED light to help you to have a better look at your own teeth.

Press 1 time the button to turn on LED light.
Press 2 times the button to turn on the LED light and vibration.
Press 3 times the button to turn OFF the kit.

There are 3 parts for interchangeable:
1. Soft rubber dental pick
2. Rubber Stain Eraser - rounded head
3. Rubber Stain eraser - point head


  • Tooth Stain Eraser: Heavy plaque and food deposits can be simply cleaned away. Heavy stain and plaque accumulated on your teeth such as tobacco, tea and coffee stains can be simply cleaned away with the dental kit. 
  • Teeth Whitening: 30,000 vibration stain erasing motion onto the surface of the teeth stain, works even better together with whitening tooth paste, smoothly and effectively erase the stain and tartar.
  • Gum Massaging: Let the vibration mode vibrate and massage your gum line which enhance blood circulation. 


  1. 6000 MCD LED light
  2. IC regulator for energy saving for 10 hours working
  3. Power source: 1*AAAA battery (not included)
  4. Package Include: 1*Dental Kit, 3*Attachments