Multifunction Car Headrest Hooks

Multifunction Car Headrest Hooks

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Multifunction Car Headrest Hooks combine the advantage and shortcomings of various car hooks on market, this is the newest designed car seat hooks integrate car headrest hooks with phone holders. 


A fold-out phone bracket adds extra functionality and eliminates dangerous distraction. Also, it free your hands and enjoy movies from your phone in car during a long trip.

Product Descriptions

  • Organized – It used to hold your handbag, grocery bags, water bottles and etc. This can keep your car clean and tidy. It can hold a maximum of 22 pounds.
  • Multifunction design – It is not only a backseat headrest hanger hook, it is also a phone holder, portable and adjustable.
  • Simple installation – It can be install directly without having to remove the headrest.
  • Flexible rotation – The hooks can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally. You can hide the hook when not use.

Product Material

Material: ABS + Silicon

Car phone holder: Compatible between 4-6 inches