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Mini Mosquito Bite Itch Relief

Mini Mosquito Bite Itch Relief

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Introducing the Mini Mosquito Bite Itch Relief, it is a mini device specially designed to ease the itch for mosquito bite, and suitable for children aged four or older. The Mini Mosquito Bite Itch Relief uses natural quartz crystal as the main material, hence, no battery are required.
This products do not cause allergic reactions, avoid scratching the skin and cause inflammation and scar. When used, you can simply press the top button, which releases tiny amounts of current quickly to relieve the discomfort caused by mosquito bites, urticaria, and other insect bites.
Apply the product to the mosquito bite site. Press the button -- adults press 5 times to stop itchy, 12 times to reduce swelling, and children can reduce it in moderation. If the insect bite is more severe, can be used repeatedly until the discomfort is eliminated.