Mini Hot Air Blower

Mini Hot Air Blower

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Hot Air Blower comes in handy compared to normal household hair dryer. But the only cons of the Hot Air Blower is the size and the weight. How bout a smaller version of Hot Air Blower? Introducing Mini Hot Air Blower, the smaller yet useful hot air gun that are easier to handle with. This Mini Hot Air Blower is great for heat shrink tubing, embossing, drying paint, paper, fabrics, craft foams, glue, ink, firm shape on clay. 

It comes with a built-in safety shield with supporting bracket for tabletop use. It is really handy as you can operate the mini hot air gun just like holding a pen!

How to use the heat tool
1. Plug in power and turn on the mini hot air blower. 
2. Hold the product as shown in the picture, DO NOT touch the hot nozzle.
3. Keep 2”-3” (5-8cm) distance between the heat tool and the stuff that need to be heated.
4. Turn off the power and wait until it is completely cooled down. 
5. To prevent overheated, DO NOT use more than 10 minutes continuously. 

  1. The temperature of this hot air blower can not be adjusted but it heats up quickly at about 200°C.
  2. DO NOT blow polymer clay at one position for a long time to prevent distortion.
  3. This heat blower is not a high powered one but it is more than enough for heating shrinkable film, embossed powder, rubber stamp, the best choice to replace toaster or oven and the polymer clay will become hard and bright after using the blower.
  4. DO NOT touch the nozzle when the hot air blower is in use or just after use. The handle of the hot air blower must be kept dry, clean and away from oil or gas.
  5. DO NOT use the hot air on human or animals. 
Working temp.: 200 ℃
Rated Power: 300W
Rated voltage: 110V / 220V
Power type: AC power supply