Micro Hydro Generator

Micro Hydro Generator

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Micro hydro generator, the potential energy conversion of the water into electrical energy mechanical equipment. 
DC 12V voltage regulator output, you can give the 12V radio power, charging, power supply for LED lights, etc

Technical conditions: 
- The output voltage :12V 
- The maximum output : ≥220mA (12V) 
- between the wire resistance 10.5 ± 0.5Ω 
- Insulation resistance 10MΩ (DC100 megger) 
- the maximum pressure 0.6Mpa outlet closed 
- the outlet opening maximum pressure 1.2Mpa 
- Start pressure 0.05Mpa

The mechanical properties and the operating environment: 

  • Appearance: generator surface clean, no rust, no scratches when significant, solid structure. 
  • Axial clearance 0.2-1.0mm 
  • Mechanical noise ≤55dB 
  • Generator life : ≥3000h 
  • Output characteristics: The output voltage is proportional to the water pressure.

Package Include: 
1 x DC Generator