LED Ear Pick Set

LED Ear Pick Set

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Stop cleaning your ear blindly! Inappropriate ear cleaning can cause irreversible damage to your hearing. Introducing the LED Ear Pick Set, you can now ask for someone's help to see what's inside your ear and with the help of professional tools, you can avoid accidents that causes damage to your ear drum.

With the flexible ear pick, it is safe as the tip bends when you applied too much force. The LED light from the ear pick allows your friends or family to see your ear canal clearly.

As for the tweezers, it also has a built-in LED light that enhance vision. The tweezers are specially designed to be curved so that it won't block the vision.


  • LED Light: The built-in LED light in both device allows better vision in the ear canal to avoid unwanted accidents.
  • Soft Tipped: The ear pick has a soft and flexible tip to avoid applying too much force in the ear canal.
  • Curved Design: The perfectly curved tweezers enhance the vision in ear canal.
  • Storage Box: Great to be gifted as present and it is good to ensure the hygiene of the ear pick away from dust.
  • Color: Random

Package Includes:
1* Flexible LED Ear Pick
1* Curved Tweezers
1* Storage Box