Korea Magic Pillow

Korea Magic Pillow

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Still looking for the perfect pillow? Here's what you are looking for! The Korea Magic Pillow not only enhance your sleep quality but also prevent you from stiff neck, tired even after sleeping and insomnia problem. And to make it unique, this pillow is actually washable! You can clean your pillow thoroughly by washing them by hand or by washing machine!  
  • 93% Polyester
  • Regular pillows are difficult to wash and collect dead skin and dust which can create a perfect environment for mites and mold. But with the Magic Pillow, you can wash it easily but simply putting it in the washing machine and drying them in a well-ventilated and shaded area.
  • Micro Airball : Easy to wash because it does not absorb water / the soft and high-elasticity pillow is ventilated for optimal airflow to cool.
  • Any sleeping position to fit the body : Height can adjusted to the sleeping position through the 3D ergonomic design
  • Polyester and Polyurethane materials maximize softness and coziness, and also makes the product light and stretchy.
  • Safe for eczema and sensitive skin.

How to use
1. Cover the pillow.
2. Adjust the pillow to a comfortable height for your neck
3. And just take a good night's sleep

It usually takes 2-3days to adjust to a new pillow; so, you can use the pillow cover you have used before.
When washing with the pillow cover, make sure to put it in a laundry net for proper and careful washing.

Product Information

Inner Cover Material: Polyester 87%, Polyurethane 13%,
Outer Cover Material: Polyester 93%, Polyurethane 7%
Storing: Please avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, and store at room temperature (1~30)℃