Impact Screwdriver

Impact Screwdriver

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Loosen corroded brake caliper screws, rusted body panel fasteners or frozen bolts with ease using the Impact Screwdriver. This unique tool converts a hammer strike into a powerful, high-torque force, freeing even the most stubborn fasteners.

It is compact and lightweight, and does not need any air or power source, so you can use it in the garage or take it on the road or out in the salvage yard to quickly remove parts long exposed to the elements. Reversible drive is great for loosening left-hand thread fasteners. 


  • Instant impact force loosens rusted or frozen screws without damaging them
  • Forward and reverse drive direction
  • Comfortable handle with non-slip knurled grip
  • Frees corroded brake caliper screws and other vehicle or outdoor fasteners exposed to the elements
  • Goes anywhere, no air or power source required

Package Include:

  • 1 X Impact driver
  • 3 X Phillip 2*35
  • 1 X Phillip2*70
  • 1 X Slot 8*70
  • 3 X Slot 8*35
  • 2 X Slot 6*35
  • 1 X Allen M5
  • 1 X Allen M6
  • 1 X Storage case