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Hose Connector (1 pair)

Hose Connector (1 pair)

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Cut down water usage and do not let your pipe leak anymore! Introducing the Hose Connector, the connector that allows you to connect and extend your hose and also fix hose leakage. You can immediately connect the hose without any special tools and this is a must for your garden and car porch. 

It's perfect for garden hoses and power pressure washer, garden water hose, RVs, boat, sprinkler, sprayers,nozzle, tree soaker or anywhere there's a standard 1/2" pipe or hose. 

Hose Connecter Benefits: 
- Flow-Through Connection 
- Durable construction 
- Simple design 
- Fits standard garden hose threads
- Leak Free, Conveniently Swap Up to Different Attachments.