Hole Saw Cutter

Hole Saw Cutter

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Hole Saw Cutter has specialized bit for a drill designed for making a perfectly round hole in some metal material, especially stainless steel. Backer, cutting edge and cap work together to provide faster, longer-lasting cutting action. Positive rake teeth clear chips better for longer life and easier cutting. Tungsten carbide Hole Saw Cutter are tested on high quality stainless steel plate, it is proven to accomplish most enduring cuts on stainless steel, it provides a much longer lifetime and substantial speed advantage:

V.S. Other MPP Carbide Hole Saw: 3X longer life
V.S. Bi-Metal Hole Saw: More than 10X longer life
Carbide Technology
  • Extremely long lifetime with high grade tungsten carbide tips and remarkable brazing technology
  • The arc chip pocket can remove metal chips fast and smooth
  • Cutting Depth: <5mm
Stepped Pilot Drill Bit Design
  • Protect carbide teeth from impacting when the pilot drill bit through the cutting material
  • Eject the slugs easily, reduce the chip-blocking problem because of the spring design
Precise cuts and high quality cutting surface
  • Less vibration, smooth cut, excellent drilling experience
  • Every cutting hole is precise and with good quality

  • Smooth cuts up to 5mm thick material like stainless steel, high alloy steel, aluminum, plastic, FRP and PVC.
  • Widely used for home decoration work, e.g. drill holes on metal plate in the kitchen room, door structure and cable box.
  • Heavy usage on industrial plants, e.g. applications in heating, ventilation and air conditioning demand an enduring hole saw that delivers a precise cut into high quality stainless steel.
  • Precise drilling for electric boxes to smoothly assemble buttons, switches and displays.

Package Includes: 1 x Hole Saw Cutter