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Hex Claw Soldering Station

Hex Claw Soldering Station

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Need an extra helping hand? Here's what you need! The Hex Claw Soldering Station is the aluminium alloy soldering station that comes with six mini crocodile clamps. The arm of the clamps are flexible so that you can adjust and fix the position of the arm. To make your work even more stable, the Hex Claw Soldering Station comes with suction cup at the bottom of the base. 6061 aluminum alloy special chassis allows you to keep smaller components or parts in place. Perfect for electrician or hobbyist to work on smaller parts such as RC parts and component, drone, miniature welding works and so on. 


  • Perfect for computer boards/ jewelry makers/ arts crafts hobbyists, or other DIY parts.
  • Heavy and sturdy aluminum alloy base, with transparent soft rubber pad. No worry for tipping over even with a heavy project.
  • Six flexible arms, easily positioned where you want them. 
  • Crocodile clamps can be rotated 360 degrees then "locked" into place with knurled thumb nuts.
Package Includes: 
Aluminum base*1
Flexible arm*6
Anti-slip suction*6
Magnifying glass*1
LED Light*1