Hair Drying Cap Bonnet

Hair Drying Cap Bonnet

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The genius hair drying bonnet takes blow drying your hair to the next level! The Hair Drying Cap Bonnet is ideal for hot oil treatments, deep conditioning, and color processing. With an attachment for your blow dryer,  this avoids damage to your hair from direct contact. The cap evenly distributes heat throughout your hair, drying it fast but not allowing it to frizz! Hair Drying Cap Bonnet allows you to turn your daily hand held hair dryer into a bonnet dryer with ease and simplicity! The bonnet hair dryer features a flexible soft hood design, this attachment can be used with any hair dryer.


  • It is a simple and practical safe hair dryer bonnet, use it with hair dryer, to convert your hair dryer into a professional hair-drying system at home.
  • It is safe, lightweight, comfortable and convenient.
  • It has unique adjustable chin strap and side fitting drawstring to secure the in place, and large hood capacity to fit over curl formers or rollers
  •  The bonnet can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils and heat treatments.

Package Includes: 1* Hair Drying Cap Bonnet