Grinder Chainsaw 3.0

Grinder Chainsaw 3.0

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Planning to grab a chainsaw? Hold on! Check this out! Turn your angle grinder (M10 / size 100 angle grinder only) into a chainsaw just by this cool attachment! Introducing the coolest product ever, Grinder Chainsaw 3.0! You don't have to get a new chainsaw if you don't have one, just get this grinder attachment, install and they are ready to use. Much smoother and better than before, the Grinder Chainsaw 3.0 comes with it's own auto oiler, ensuring your chainsaw works buttery smooth all the time!

A well lubricated chainsaw is important as it lowers down the chances of chain break. This Grinder Chainsaw 3.0 works great for cutting down small-medium branches. 


  • Make sure that the rod size of your angle grinder is M10.
  • Please make sure the saw chain is tighten to perfect tension before you start using the chainsaw.
  • Make sure the chainsaw has sufficient lubrication during the operation.

Package includes:

  • 1 X Rim
  • 1 X Saw Chain
  • 1 X Guide Bar
  • 1 X Plastic Cover
  • 1 X Wrench
  • 1 X Grinder Clamp
  • 1 X Allen Key
  • 1 X Handle
  • 2 X Bolt & Nut (For plastic cover)
  • 2 X Allen Screw

Guide Bar Material :Spring steel
Chain Material :High Carbon Steel
Connecting Rod Size: M10 
Guide bar size : 34cm Length, 6cm 
Chain circle length :about 82cm 
Chain Thickness :approx 4.7mm 
Input Power max:1100 w