Glue Applicator Roller

Glue Applicator Roller

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Applying glue can be messy especially on those excessive or uneven part. Glue Applicator Roller is specially designed to eliminate the problem! It comes with a tank to hold your glue and it has a brake system that control and prevent excessive glue from coming out from the tank. The roller makes flat and even glue application possible.

Application: Widely used in the furniture factory, wood factory, leather factory, carton factory, studio and other coating operations.
Suitable for: PVC glue, latex, wood glue and other types of liquid-based glue.
Container Capacity: 180ml/ 320ml
  1. Uniform glue tank aluminium core design, smooth rolling and easy to clean.
  2. Adhesive thickness of 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm.
  3. Paint roller adopt dense hole type rubber and foam materials, ensure liquid uniform adhesion and can prevent rolling deformation.
  4. Glue area per hour up to 100 ~ 180 square.

Product Use:
  1. Place the applicator on the stand before pouring glue into the container. Note: Do not fill more than 70% of glue container to prevent overflow.
  2. Increase or decrease the number of rolling to control the thickness of the glue.
  3. Adjust the metal handle/stopper to control of glue flow rate.
  4. Clean everthing thoroughly immediately after use.
Volume: 180 ml / 320 ml
Gluing widt: 3" / 6"
Working efficiency: 100 ~ 180 square/hour

Package Include:
1 x Glue Applicator