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Gas Pump Beverage Dispenser

Gas Pump Beverage Dispenser

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Sure you could pour it straight out of the bottle, but why? Add some fun to your party with this Gas Pump Beverage Dispenser to look like an old-fashioned gas pump. It's a great way to store your favorite liquor and is fantastic for parties! Set it out on the counter and let your guests have fun making their own cocktails; just gently squeeze the handle to serve! Why not buy one for all your liquors so your guests can choose between different high octane fuels?

Our liquor dispenser comes with a classy, tarnish-resistant, silver-plated finish with measurements displayed on the side. A handy gas station style drinks dispenser is the ultimate addition to any home bar, with a trigger-operated pump, you can dispense with ease. Ideal for kicking off the perfect night in, this drink dispenser gives you and your guests the freedom to top up when they please. Loaded with vintage appeal, you can add a unique theme to any drinks service.

  • Retro liquor dispenser made to look like an vintage 1930s gas pump
  • Allows guests to make their own cocktails
  • Trigger operated pump
  • Hand wash only
  • Perfect for serving whisky on the rocks
  • Easily refillable twist top
  • Classy, tarnish-resistant, silver-plated finish
  • Measures 19 x 4 and holds 32 oz
Package Included: 1*Gas Pump Beverage Dispenser