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Flute & Bead Router Bit

Flute & Bead Router Bit

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Introducing the Flute & Bead Router Bit, the perfect router bit for your wood works with curves. These two bits are designed to have corresponding cove and bead profiles. What is so useful about this flute and bead or known as cove and bead design?  Well, flute and bead are widely used for making curved forms such as canoes, barrels, and etc.. You can also use them for the flexible lids on roll-tops desks, provided there is only a convex curve.
WIth the radius of 1/8", the C2 carbide tipped router bit has the micro grain grade to provides increased strength and utmost resistance. The high-grade YG6X native alloy blade are suitable for density board, wood, MDF, particle board, plywood, etc.
Flute & Bead Router Bit is the ideal tool for making cedar strip, hot tubs, planters, wooden canoe using interlocking sealed edge joint.