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Faucet & Sink Installer Tool

Faucet & Sink Installer Tool

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Working at a limited space is difficult and time consuming, why don't invest on the tools that will enhance your productivity. The Faucet & Sink Installer Tool is the savior, it is the multi-purpose plumbing tool that lets you work faster, easier and more efficiently under-sink on supply lines, fittings and nuts.

With the Faucet & Sink Installer Tool, you can fastens and removes plastic basin nuts and supply line nuts, along with 7/8-inch and 1-inch hex nuts. No more handling large wrench in limited place! It is a great addition to any toolbox, with the extra-long handle design, it is ideal for hard to reach applications, you can now easily reach any mounting nuts on faucets and sprayers.

It also has a shut-off valve attachment that turns hard to reach angle stops without marring chrome, and an open slot that allows easy access over existing supply lines. The other end of the sink faucet wrench has a strainer basket attachment that holds the drain unit in place while removing or installing the strainer nut. The lightweight tool is made of high strength plastic and comes with two durable aluminum inserts, one for turning angle stop handles and another for holding the strainer basket in place.