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Electric Quick Hair Braider

Electric Quick Hair Braider

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Spending hours to braid your hair? Introducing the Electric Quick Hair Braider, whole new way to create twisty braids! The Electric Quick Hair Braider makes it easy to create beautiful twisty braids in seconds. Get creative - twist and turn into your own unique styles! Have a blast creating fabulous, colorful twisty braids and then show off your style when you are done! Perfect for girls and their friends, the Electric Quick Hair Braider will provide hours of fun for your next girls’ night.
  1. Make  beautiful new pattern
  2. Faster braiding more pattern ever
  3. Bidirectional rotation technique
  4. 2*AAA batteries operated (not included).
  1. Take two strands of hair and use clips to clip the end of two strands of hair.
  2. Pull down the control button, the left and right clips will rotate counter clockwise. When they twist to the root of hair, you can loosen the control button and then wait for the next operation.
  3. After the second step, push the control button upward, the machine will  rotate clockwise and braid two strands of hair, hair will automatically twist together, when it twists to the proper position you can loosen the button and tied the hair.

Package Includes: 1*Electric Quick Hair Braider