Electric Multi Sharpener

Electric Multi Sharpener

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Electric Multi Sharpener is a cordless motorized blade sharpener that claims to restore the edge of any blade in a second. It assures that you can sharpen knife edges at home with professional precision. The secret lies in the professional grade sharpening stone that sharpens and hones the blade. The catch tray collects the metal shavings for your convenience. It is ideal for chef knives, carving knives, bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, filet knives, cheese knives, choppers, cleavers, scissors, precision tools and more!


  1. Place the sharpener on a flat surface. Clean the blades thoroughly before sharpening them.
  2. Choose the sharpening icon you need based on the type of blade and tool, and align it to the center.
  3. Hold the sharpener firmly, use the On/Off switch to operate it. **Left hand users might want to use pointer finger to operate On/Off switch as it is on the reverse side.
  4. For Knives – Knife should be inserted in both the slots equal number of times. Knife should only be brought from heel to tip towards you in a slow motion (DO NOT REVERSE). As you glide the blade 5 times, you can check its sharpness. The process can be repeated till you achieve desired sharpness.
  5. For Scissors – Start from the center of the blade go all the way to the end. Glide three times and check for desired sharpness. Couple more glides with a pull can give it the finish you need.

Caution and Warning

  • Electric Multi Sharpener works with 4 AA batteries (not included), use only Alkaline batteries. 
  • Wear proper protective glasses and mask.
  • Your fingers should be kept away from the sharpening slots at all times.
  • Care should be taken to not sharpen knives and tools around uncovered food and beverages.
  • This blade sharpener is for household use only. It should not be used on professional barber and hair scissors.
  • Honing oils, water and any other lubricant should not be used with this blade sharpener.
Package Include: 1* Electric Multi Sharpener