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Grinding Locator (10pcs Drill Bits)

Grinding Locator (10pcs Drill Bits)

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Introducing Grinding Locator, the accessories for rotary tools that is use for cutting shapes out of wood, drywall, paneling or other wood materials that are soft. It has different depth readings (3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 inch) where you can adjust by sliding the shaft up and down, change depth of cutter by turning the shaft and locks it tight with the screw attached on the side. 
By working the Grinding Locator using your rotary tools on your wood work, you can have a nice round edge. Electric Grinding Locator comes with 10pcs different drill bits to suits your needs. You might want to work against the rotation during the process to avoid the rotary tools to slip. Do remember to wear eyes protection whenever you're working with electric tools.
***Suitable for Dremel, Black & Decker & other rotary tools with same nose attachment sizes.