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Egg Shell Topper

Egg Shell Topper

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With Egg Shell Topper, you will never worry about egg shells ending up in your delicious dish! This innovative tools combines gravity and shock waves to break the top shell off of the eggs cleanly. You will be amazed at the perfect ring it creates at the top of the egg with this easy to use breakfast tool. It is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy your eggs.
How to Use :
  1. Hold the egg to the right position, put the dome of the Egg Shell Topper on the egg.
  2. Keep it firmly on the egg
  3. Pull the top part of the egg, then release it and let it rebound to the topper.
  4. Remove the topper, leaving your egg with a perfect circular crack.
  5. Gently remove top of egg shell with fingers or knife. Dispose of egg shell!

Package Included : 1*Egg Shell Topper