ECU Memory Saver

ECU Memory Saver

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Always have back up! This ECU Memory Saver allows you to keep your car's computer information safe from blackout and it is a great helper for changing car battery.


  • Avoid information loss when the car computer blackout
  • Good helper for changing car battery
  • Maintain the car computer memory dashboard information, digital clock, acoustics, memory seats, ABS, anti-skid system, electric reviewer mirror
  • Save time, improve efficiency.

​Fits for: all cars after 1996 with obd2 socket
Cable length: 80CM

Instructions & Cautions

  • Red clip plug to red, black clip plug to black
  • After the red light on, insert the car OBD plug
  • Plug connection regular which would make a noise
  • Change the storage battery with careful operations
  • Please DO NOT on the light or other using power device, and do not touch metal with the positive pole of accumulator. Otherwise it will burn car OBD socket of the fuse
  • After changing the accumulator, loose the red clip first if the sound still exist, then the replacement succeed, if not, then the fuse might burned.

Package includes
1 x ECU Memory Saver